United 3D Labs offers development of multimedia exhibitions and installations for museums and cultural institutions. Our designers, 3D modelers, programmers and engineers have extensive experience; we are always happy to bring your ideas to life.

Various multimedia solutions have already long been employed by museums, galleries and exhibition halls. Using technology in museums can start from the smallest of developing an audio guide and navigation interactive kiosks.

Technology in museums is something that is becoming increasingly familiar as curators and designers attempt to harness the latest developments in the field for the benefit of their visitors and collections. And as the use of technology in everyday life has become the norm, integrating this into the museum offer is becoming even more essential. Interactive kiosks, for example, provide guests with access to a huge amount of information in a limited space; the use of animation allows to explain processes that are extremely difficult to show with static illustrations; and the implementation of modern technologies of virtual, augmented and mixed realities demonstrates to visitors what would simply be impossible to show in any other way because of the huge (or vice versa, very small) size.

Moreover, museums nowadays are not monologues of a guide; multimedia technologies bring an added layer of storytelling, now it is a dialogue with the visitor. For instance, gamification of design greatly contributes to that. The use of interactive installations helps not only to show visitors the historical artifacts, paintings or even organization of a space station, but also to enhance visitor’s engagement. Museum guests do not learn about events; they actually feel like they actively participate in them.

What is more, modern technologies ensure the rapid change of content, its relevance and easy extensibility of display. Also, any number of foreign languages can be used in the explanations.

However, the most important advantage of modern multimedia exhibits is probably that they offer the opportunity to unite all museum installations in one common management system. The primary task of this system is real-time monitoring of equipment functioning. In case of any failures (unfortunately, they periodically occur when dealing with a large number of equipment pieces), the control system immediately alerts the administrator.

In addition, the management system gathers statistics which items/exhibits receive increased attention, and which ones do not attract much interest. Based on this information, we can draw conclusions whether there is a need for any changes in the content of the exhibition.

Multimedia expositions play a special role in corporate museums. Usually, this type of museums does not possess a significantly large area and a large number of personnel to support exhibitions. In this case, information kiosks, non-standard interactive expositions, virtual reality headsets are excellent solutions

United 3D Labs team of experts believes in working smartly and providing you the best results. So, we will be happy to see you in our showroom, demonstrate our interactive museum solutions and discuss your ideas.

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