United 3D Labs has developed an interactive installation on the history of world art.

The Center of media arts, a new structural division “Academy of talent”, has been recently opened in Saint Petersburg. It is an advanced educational space, where students have an opportunity to get acquainted with the important movements of modern art and the latest art technologies. The fundamental distinction of the Center is its digital educational environment. It greatly contributes to the development of different skills that creatively transform the environment. Moreover, the information environment promotes a non-standard way of thinking. The center offers 19 educational programs, including visual arts studio, graphic design, and architectural design.

This way, it is fundamental for the students of the Center to be familiar with various art movements and their story, so they could get an understanding of different types of art that has shaped modern history. The interactive timeline United 3D Labs has created briefly outlines main movements, their artists, traits, works, and events that make up major art periods and how art evolved to the present day. In fact, you may call it an interactive encyclopedia that introduces you to the most important historical milestones of various fields of art.

The design of the installation deserves special attention. All graphical elements of the interface are hand-drawn. Thanks to it the installation itself has become a spectacular work of art.

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