United 3D Labs has created an AR presentation for Engineering and technological school No. 777 in St. Petersburg for Microsoft HoloLens headset.

Student initiation ceremony is a solemn event for all the students of Engineering and technological school. It traditionally began with a speech by the headmaster. However, there is always room for surprise. When the speaker on stage put on the HoloLens headset, the magic of augmented reality took everyone sitting in the hall to a new wonderful world. A

The orator observed the virtual scene unfolding around her in augmented reality during the speech; at the same time, she saw all the guests in the hall. This way, the speaker could monitor both the change of 3D models and their location on the stage. This is the way you can make sure you will not accidentally walk through one of them. We believe that it is vital as it would ruin the magic. In addition, the AR application can show you some cues. For instance, it could be a prompter, a timer, or a preview of the following episodes, which makes it easier for the speaker to navigate during the speech.

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