United 3D Labs offers various mobile solutions development services including: 
  • developing apps for tablets, smartphones and wearables;
  • working with iOS and Android;
  • developing AR apps;
  • publishing our solutions in Google Play or App Store;
  • working with different game engines and tools like Java, Objective-C, Unreal, Unity.
United 3D Labs is a member of the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

Smartphones are a game changer in the era of cellphones

Smart mobile devices, phones and tablets, have not just come into our lives, they have become an integral part of it compared to other IT technologies. According to analysts, the share of smartphones among mobile devices in Moscow has exceeded 80%. Moreover, it makes 100% (and even more!) among economically active residents of the capital. Now the debate goes on whether it is Apple or Samsung.

Smartphones in everyday life

This way, mobile applications have been playing a greater role in advertising, sales, communications. Nowadays not only banks but almost every average fitness club or SPA has its own application. A mobile app is a simple and convenient way to maintain better client communication: they offer access to training schedules and online bookings, provide visitor’s reminders, etc. Plus, mobile solutions can easily and effectively engage customers.

Mobile apps in sales

Since they were brought to market, large companies have dreamed of embracing tablets and leveraging the innovative technologies. For instance, there is no need to carry voluminous product catalogs with you anymore. With a tablet device, the entire range of products with detailed descriptions now fits into your bag.

Moreover, there are virtual reality headsets for mobile phones (for example, Samsung Gear VR) that you can take with you to the negotiations and literally immerse your potential consumer in the virtual reality of your plant.

Tablets in museums and at exhibition booths

Tablet computers also come in handy at exhibition booths as well as educational institutions and museums. Certainly, there are versatile interactive display solutions in the market; however, they are quite expensive. Moreover, they require a computer in order to work successfully. On the other hand, mass market tablets are pretty low-cost. Furthermore, due to the high volume of production, their quality is not even inferior to professional solutions (and sometimes it surpasses professional segment, at least when it comes to Apple or Samsung). The next step is to develop software and – voilà – you have got a cost-effective high-quality solution for information kiosks, descriptions or navigation systems. 

United 3D Labs specialists are always happy to invite you to our showroom and demonstrate the ready-made mobile solutions we have; we will do our best to deliver simple, effective, and personalized solutions for your needs.