Polymedia is currently a leader on the Russian market of information representation systems. The company presented its latest innovative developments at International Telecommunications, Innovations and High Technologies Exhibition and Conference “Bakutel”, held on December 2-5 in Baku (Azerbaijan). United 3D Labs has developed an interactive promo game with mobile phone control for the company booth.

The Polymedia stand was located by the central aisle closer to the to the entrance, which was really great apart from one thing: there was a huge column supporting the roof of the exhibition pavilion installed in front of it.  That was obviously a huge disadvantage as a significant part of the stand was hidden from the visitors entering the event. 

After a short brainstorm we came up with an idea how to make lemonade out of this lemon and make the column a part of the stand. For this we covered three sides of the column with almost 5 meters high led grid. Then we ran a short but very bright and dynamic video clip on it, attracting the attention of visitors to the stand. As a result, the column turned from an obstacle into a sort of directory to the Polymedia stand, visible from almost any point of the exhibition pavilion. 

To increase the traffic at the exhibition booth, the column was running a simple but extremely captivating promo game. 

Any participant of the exhibition could connect his or her mobile device to the Polymedia Wi-Fi network and then immediately get to the company web site to take part in the game. Each player was assigned a color; when the player touched the screen of his/her phone or tablet, a spot of the corresponding color appeared on the screen. The more often the participant touched the screen, the more spots appeared. The winner was the one who filled the whole column with spots of one color. 

A great way to practice your fine motor skills, right? We estimated that the most enthusiastic participants had the frequency of hundreds touches per minute.

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