United 3D Labs artists and designers have considerable experience in developing infographic design including:

  • developing multimedia presentations;

  • creating information videos;

  • promotional video production. 

We are glad to offer our services for developing your project.

Importance of infographics

Infographics can be delivered in different ways but the idea is always stays the same – to visualize information. Each person faces a huge flow of information on a daily basis. It is only naturally that our brain apprehends only the most remarkable information bits. Infographics is designed to make information eye-catching and appealing to potential consumers, to make your message stand out.

In many cases infographics constitutes some graphics combined with numbers: these are all sorts of charts, diagrams, and graphs. However, it is not limited to that. For instance, that could be animation sequence in informational videos or a series of drawings in presentations. The goal stays the same: to convey a message in the most accessible and simple and way.

Main advantages of CG and animation

Computer graphics and animation are usually employed for developing infographics. On the one hand, it offers a large variety of means for artistic expression. You can deliver something memorable that makes people read but most importantly understand what they see. On the other hand, using modern CG design tools allows us to create appealing infographics in a very short time.

Motion design

When it comes to creating high-quality information videos or presentations, infographics often goes hand in hand with motion design. If you need to leave indelible impact on the minds of your target audience, nothing works better than stunning visuals. Attractive, impressive and impactful visuals play the key role in captivating minds of your target audience.

United 3D Labs artists, motion designers and our art director are happy to invite you to our showroom! You are welcome enjoy our beautifully crafted infographic solutions and discuss your ideas with us.