We offer full-spectrum mobile applications development services for iOS and Android. United 3d Labs motion designers, artists, animators and programmers have considerable expertise in building applications for tablets, smartphones and other wearable devices that will satisfy all your needs. Moreover, we create content for mobile virtual reality and Microsoft Hololens augmented reality headsets. We publish our applications in App Store and Google Play.

There is no denying the fact that mobile apps are playing a great role in our everyday life. We believe that applications are a great way to directly connect with your customers. Thus, exploit mobile marketing to your advantage! Forward-thinking entrepreneurs are using them as an effective promotional tool. An application is a simple and convenient way to maintain better client communication: apps offer access to training schedules and online booking, provide visitor’s reminders, etc. Plus, mobile solutions can easily and effectively engage the customer.

Besides, mobile applications have found a broad use in the corporate sector. They consolidate such things as internal CRM systems and chats, presentations, product catalogs. The latter is especially demanded by large-size equipment producers or companies with a big range of products. Imagine, you don’t need to carry voluminous product catalogs with you anymore, with the help of almost any tablet the entire range of products with detailed descriptions, photos, 3D models now fit into your bag.

Tablets also find large application at exhibitions, for example, as interactive descriptions for products or services. Just place a tablet with a beautiful and appealing presentation by any item, piece of equipment or product system, and let your visitor be in charge and choose the information that is interesting for him or her. This way you can also significantly reduce the number of personnel at your booth.

There are mobile virtual reality applications as well. Designed primarily for mobile-based headsets such as Samsung Gear, they are quite compact but useful. Despite the relative computational weakness of the phone's processors, which does not work well with complex animation, they have a significant advantage: these headsets are not tied to a computer. You can easily take them with you in a briefcase to an important meeting. The possibilities of using virtual reality headsets in presentations are almost unlimited: you can tour the universe in a rocket or view a residential complex, which in real life is still under construction, so you can immediately discuss the nuances of planning, communication or furniture arrangement.

United 3D Labs specialists are glad to see you in our showroom! We would be glad to show you the applications and other mobile solution we have developed. Moreover, we can discuss in detail the goals and ideas for your project.

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