United 3D Labs offers services in developing visualizations of technological processes in a form of:

  • animated videos;
  • video filming;
  • interactive presentations;
  • virtual and augmented reality.

Goals of technological processes visualization 

The main task of visualization of the type is to explain what is happening, for example, inside a strange-looking iron equipment piece (workshop, plant, etc.) and why it is necessary for the production process. Usually, such things are to be explained to those who have no background knowledge on that, for example, students or investors. So you need to show everything in a clear and accessible way, if possible, without going much into the details. This way, the visualization of production flows is a suitable method to understand high process complexities and often multi-operational dependencies. Therefore, computer graphics and animation only! 

Advantages of computer graphics

These techniques can be used to show the processes taking place in a closed distillation column, atomic-beam tube on an artificial earth satellite, or in the dressing-works. When creating a process animation, you need 3D models of equipment, and therefore at little additional cost, you can make a photorealistic visualization. Often it is even more convenient because the equipment that has already been installed at the enterprise could be difficult to get close to with a video camera.

Visualization in game engines

In most cases, the visualization of technological processes is delivered as an animated video. However, recently real-time visualization has been gaining ground. It offers the audience to change the parameters and stages of the process and in this sense, visualization becomes similar to simulators. In fact, visualizations of technological processes in real-time use the same tools as simulators, game engines.

Virtual reality

Moreover, VR technologies have gotten increasingly popular lately. This is extremely convenient for both demonstrating large spaces as well as processes hidden inside a mechanism: due to the 360° video, your audience actually gets to the center of events of any scale.

Augmented reality

However, the latest trend is the use of augmented reality HoloLens headsets from Microsoft. In this case, the viewer can simultaneously observe both the real equipment and the computer graphics of the visualization superimposed on it. It can be seen from all sides as if the real and virtual units are in one point of space. No need to say that such a demonstration of technological processes makes a completely fantastic impression!

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