United 3D Labs develops realistic interactive 3D models for different types of factories. Here we are happy to present our solution for oil and gas industry plant.

We usually use blueprints, CAD files, BIM models as source materials. Our specialists, if necessary, visit the premises, do laser scanning, photogrammetric and aerial photography. On the basis of the data obtained, we create low-poly 3D models of buildings, facilities and other objects of the enterprise, which are then transferred to the real-time visualization.

Further development is carried out using Unreal Engine and Unigine systems. But why do we choose them? Unreal is a recognized leader among game engines that allows to achieve the highest quality of visualization. Unigine is a proprietary cross-platform game engine, developed by Russian software company. It provides unsurpassed accuracy in 3D object positioning and the ability to display huge areas of thousands of square kilometers.

The main advantage of the developed interactive model is that it can demonstrate not only the exterior of objects such as buildings, workshops, but also their internal view, down to each individual equipment piece. Furthermore, with our information solutions you can provide all the virtual objects with additional information received from the database and automatic control system in real time mode.

The 3D model can be demonstrated on video walls, computer screens, mobile devices, as well as in virtual or augmented reality glasses. The control is carried out by means of touch panels, tablets or specialized controllers.

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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