United 3D Labs, commissioned by a large industrial enterprise, has developed a training simulator for VR headset. Now the whole process of learning takes place in virtual reality.

Training simulators as well as simulators of various equipment pieces, machine tools and units are well known and have long proved to be effective. Simulators like this are definitely is much safer for learning purposes, plus the of original equipment could be worth tens of millions. This simple reasoning led to the fact that simulators have been firmly placed in the training classes of enterprises.

However, the classic training simulator is only a model that does not always exactly match the prototype. Fortunately, modern technology, primarily virtual reality headsets, make the simulator-based training experience feel so real, setting the realism to a previously completely unattainable level. Wearing VR goggles headset, the trainee is instantly transported to the learning environment of the machine that manifests no different from the real one.

Naturally, there still some shortcomings to it, system feedback still fails sometimes, there are no controllers able yet to transmit tactile sensations. As they say, Rome was not built in a day. Nevertheless, the visual range is almost fully consistent with reality and often even specifically simplified, because there are many tiny details that do not affect the learning process.

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