United 3D Labs has developed a 360º panoramic tour of the Moscow Central Diameters pavilion (MCD). Created on the basis of a unique technology, the interactive tour offers an opportunity to walk around the pavilion located near Kievsky railway station and get information about all its expositions. Moreover, you don't even need to move away from your computer.

Last December Moscow Central Diameters demonstration pavilion near Kievsky railway station was ceremonially opened by Sergei Sobyanin, the Mayor of Moscow. The main distinctive feature of the exhibition space is that it involves a number of different interactive solutions that attract a lot of attention. The best evidence of this is the fact that you can find a lot of photo and video reports on the internet.

Nevertheless, even the highest quality photos cannot provide a comprehensive view of the whole interactive space. Our panoramic tour allows you to walk around the pavilion and examine in detail the installations of your interest.

The virtual tour is developed using United 3D Labs' unique technology: high-resolution panoramic images taken with a professional Insta360 PRO camera are combined with the data from FARO Focus laser scanner. Thus way an accurate and photorealistic 3D model of the area is formed. Furthermore, there is a navigation system and the ability to interactively control the tour.

This technology has three advantages:

  • Using professional equipment allows us to reduce the shooting time. For example, 40 shooting points were covered in less than 4 hours. The assembling process is automated and takes just a day.

  • There is another huge benefit to it: the virtual tour works in any web browser, including mobile devices. There is no need to install special software.

  • The technology of combining panoramas with laser scanning data results in a 3D model that allows you to stich individual panoramas with smooth transitions. This way, the user has a very real feeling of movement around the pavilion.

This way, it doesn't matter anymore where the user is. With the developed by United 3D Labs virtual tour, you can take a walk in MCD pavilion wherever you are, you just need to have Internet access. If after a virtual walk you want to take a picture in photo kiosk, walk along the routes of the first two diameters or feel like a driver of a high-speed train "Ivolga", the pavilion near Kievsky railway station is open to everyone seven days a week, from 9:00 to 21:00.