United 3D Labs, commissioned by one of the largest real estate agencies in Moscow, has delivered an interactive property walk-through tour of residential complexes (that in real life are still under construction) in virtual reality.This is a great opportunity for your clients to appreciate the property from far and wide without the effort of people having to travel to and from location.

There are several ways for modern developers to represent the facilities under construction. There are large-scale physical layouts, video-mapping, walkthrough tours in virtual reality or augmented reality Microsoft HoloLens headsets. Luxury real estate agents do their best to attract potential buyers of expensive apartments.

We believe that one of the most convenient ways to demonstrate the future housing could be a screen of a video wall. The buyer sees the details of the quarter under construction without the need to use extra equipment, and the agent manages a virtual tour with the help of a usual joystick.

Detailed overview of all elements of the tour, from the outer surroundings of the blocks to the various interior options, gives a complete picture of the future residential quarter. Passing among green maples and lindens along the southern wall, a buyer can thoroughly study the architectural features and benefits of the project. In Virtual reality you can come out to a quay to admire the majestic view of an ancient church and some modern buildings on the opposite bank or appreciate the convenience of parking and security of a cozy patio. Then enter the building and go up to the future apartment.

It is easy to move around the territory of the complex or inside the buildings with a joystick. The virtual visit to the apartment is carefully prepared by the artists and modelers of United 3D Labs. Each element of the interior is thought out: there is a TV set and other conveniences in your future apartment, and you can even play the drums if you feel like it.

Naturally, we could not afford to disregard the view out the window as it can play a key role in the decision-making process. Using the footage from the drone, we individual created panoramic view for each window that fully match the reality.

When selecting an apartment one needs to quickly navigate among the available to the purchase options. To do this, we implemented a powerful and user-friendly interface. An agent can easily provide the buyer with a floor plan and explication of the apartment, information on the floor area of the apartment and its cost. The virtual tour is connected to the server of the real estate agency and therefore contains only relevant information about the cost and availability of apartments.

We believe that a virtual walkthrough can completely solve the problem of real estate presentation of residential quarters under construction, as it is clear and understandable for the buyer as well as simple and convenient for the seller.

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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