United 3D Labs has created a presentation video dedicated to the construction of the "Amur Palmyra" industrial complex, as well as a railway and road bridge between Russia and China across the Amur river. 

This joint Russian-Chinese project will bring huge benefits to both parties. Accelerated development of the regions, new employment opportunities and tourism business expansion are just the first results that can be seen in the very near future.

United 3D Labs video is an architectural visualization with infographics that explains the details of the project. As the video begins, you can see a globe, then the border area of Russia and China appears in front of your eyes. There is also a gigantic "Amur Palmyra" bridge that connects the two countries. Next thing we see is an emerging train, heading from China to Russia; it passes on the new bridge. Animated maps bring more information to the video. The video also contains infographics elements, which highlights the benefits the project will bring. Graphs and tables clearly demonstrate the prospective income of the future complex.

The combination of 3D visualization and infographics allows the huge amount of digital and text information to blend organically into the project. Despite that fact that the video lasts more than 7 minutes, the video is easy to perceive.

Viewer sees the process of "Amur Palmyra" building in a high speed shooting first, then there is a completed complex. 3D visualization, created by order of "Amur-Invest" company, is as realistic as possible. In addition to the fact that the 3D models of buildings and structures of the Amur Palmyra are made with a high degree of reliability, the designers of United 3D Labs worked hard so you could feel the atmosphere of a real living metropolis in the architectural visualization. Residents of the city and cars in the virtual space of the "Amur Palmyra" create the illusion of continuous movement. 3D video clearly shows that the complex will be truly beautiful.

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