The United 3D Labs offers full services in development of interactive real-time visualization systems based on Unreal and Unity game engines, including:

  • virtual reality;

  • augmented reality;

  • training simulators;

  • industrial equipment simulators;

  • multimedia installations;

  • museum expositions;

  • interactive presentations;

  • games.

A brief explanation

You have most probably come across such term as real-time interactive visualization systems. But can you explain what it means? Although that may seem to be complex, in fact the term embraces pretty much everything that is associated with the interaction of computer technology and humans. Those are the activities we perform on a daily basis, such as creating Word documents or making a call with your smartphone, watching a weather forecast on TV or withdrawing money from an ATM. These are all human interaction with machine. Moreover, all of them bring some sort of image as a response: this adds visual part to the name.

Why game engines?

In most cases, it comes down to interaction with a relatively simple interface and does not require complex graphics or programming. However, when developing industrial training simulators, there is a need for a very high level of visualization and complex responses of the system. This way, a trainee has a feeling of a full immersion into the learning environment. There are a lot of software tools, which can be used for the development of such systems. However, we believe that the best option is to go for game engines. Strange as it might seem, it all makes perfect sense if you think about it. Game developers have exactly the same task: to convince the player that everything happening on the screen is 100% real, no matter how phantasmagoric the imaginary world really could be. Therefore, game engines have well developed means for creating realistic CG as well as tools for developing complex interaction algorithms. This is exactly what training simulators, museum expositions and fascinating interactive presentations developers need.

Unreal Engine and Unity

There are two game engine that stand out: Unreal Engine and Unity. In fact, they have long become the standard in the world of interactive visualization systems. Each of the engines obviously offers certain advantages and has its disadvantages. Usually CG studios just pick the one they find more convenient. Naturally, choosing the software is a matter of preference and often heavily depends on the specific task. It is considered that Unreal is better suited for complex projects and large development teams, when Unity works great for mobile applications and small tasks. But again, it all heavily depends on your task. It may happen that in some particular case you need a completely different development environment, such as Ventuz, for example. 

United 3D Labs specialists have vast experience in working with both Unreal and Unity engines. We offer the most suitable solution turn your most daring ideas into reality. Our team is glad to invite you to our demo room. The leading experts of the company will demonstrate our projects developed with Unreal and Unity as well as other software, such as Ventuz, Unigine, disguise (d3 Technologies).