United 3D Labs has developed an architectural visualization application for Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset. Microsoft HoloLens appears to be shaping up to become more and more popular in Russia. No surprise in that as AR has the potential to help customers and businesses across the globe do things that have never been possible.

Augmented reality has a huge variety of applications: for instance, demonstrating objects that do not exist yet. In particular, it is a perfect solution for buildings and constructions that are currently under construction.

This solution is of particular relevance to developers, architects and realtors. Recent technological advancements make clients demand more in-depth previews of what a project will look like when it is completed. What is more, for architects it brings sketches and floor plans to life in 3D. For construction workers, it provides collaborative visualizations and rapid mapping of the space. In short, HoloLens is changing the game.

Thus, augmented reality makes such thing as a physical architectural layout completely unnecessary. Due to the manufacturing principle, such models have extremely low level of detail as well as inaccuracies in color rendering. Moreover, no matter how well they are made, they still look like a toy.

Implementing augmented reality helps to avoid all the disadvantages of physical models and, at the same time, show the whole building or any other object in space. You just put a marker on the table (in the latest developments you don’t even need that) and switch your tablet on. Next thing you know is that the layout magically appears right in front of your eyes. Thus, holding the tablet, you can get around and see the future construction from all sides. The excellent quality of the 3D visualization, realistic colors, ability to examine all the details: here is everything you wished for and even more!

There is just one inconvenience: you have to hold the tablet in your hands all the time. But Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headsets are here to help! The hologram of the layout looks 100% realistic in the headset, but it retains all the advantages of computer architectural visualization. It is exactly the same as the real layout, you even can walk around it; what is more, you can look inside the buildings!

Last but not least, the cost of such headset and 3D visualization is significantly lower than manufacturing of actual architectural model. Plus, you’ll save a lot of space in your office.

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