United 3D Labs, commissioned by the MIREA University Branch in Fryazino, has developed an augmented reality installation for the exhibition booth at MAKS Air Show hosted in Zhukovsky.

The largest International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS embraces not only manufacturers of aircraft and military equipment, but also specialized universities, as it is a great opportunity to talk about their scientific achievements and find prospective students. MIREA branch in Fryazino, which never misses the opportunity to find talented school students, took an active part in the Air Show.

In addition to promo events, discussions and meetings, the university stand was also had some entertainment for students, in particular, the augmented reality installation.

There was a camera installed on the stand, which transmitted the image of people passing by the stand of the Branch to a large display (diagonal 84"). But the camera does not only a broadcast, it also complements the reality. This way every person who walks by magically gets a fighter pilot helmet! The helmets are different, they come from different time periods: from protective masks of 1910 to up-to-date enclosed helmets of fighter pilots.

Simultaneously with the broadcast, the augmented reality system automatically takes pictures and everyone could print their cool photos in helmets right away.

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