Development of multimedia solutions for exhibition booths is one of the priority activities for United 3D Labs. We are glad to offer highly engaging content solutions for exhibitions and displays: information videos, interactive presentations, installations, games, etc. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their exhibiting objectives; our consultative style allows us to create a unique visitor space for each customer.

Exhibitions have become a corner stone of opportunity for businesses of all sizes to market their products and services. We believe that exhibition booths are one of the most powerful marketing tools available to modern business. However, if not executed in the right way, it can cost a business both financially and in reputation. As the space is usually limited, the concentration of various multimedia solutions per area unit often reaches its peak. The use of various multimedia installations at exhibitions is usually explained by one of three goals:

  • to convey the necessary information to visitors; 

  • to attract more attention; 

  • to stand out among competitors. 

No doubt that to make sure your booth has all necessary information to cover is probably the most common goal and, in most cases, can be solved by means of information kiosks, interactive tables and various displays. You can use information kiosks to demonstrate your interactive presentations and catalogues; video and promo clips can be shown on big displays. However, whether a visitor remembers your company out of all competitors first and foremost depends on the content of your multimedia solutions. 

If your main goal is attracting the maximum attention of the event visitors, that requires a more serious (and expensive) equipment: various video walls, LED video screens and grids, lighting equipment, etc. In this case, you should make use of large sizes or unusual shapes. But take into account that the area of your stand should be significantly larger than in the first case as led screen weighing several tons is challenging to fit in 5x5 meters area. Moreover, the content quality still plays a great role as it should correspond to the expensive equipment used. 

There is no standard solution, if your main objective is to stand out; it all depends on the imagination and the budget. Naturally, unusual content combined with interesting equipment solutions is always powerful. 

Augmented, virtual and mixed realities are ever-popular solutions. There is only one rule: the more time you give to developers to prepare, the better is the result.

We are happy to invite you to our showroom, where we will demonstrate our ready-made exhibition solutions and discuss your projects.