United 3D Labs has developed an interactive virtual aquarium installation for the exhibition booth of the “Vladimir-Vostok” project at the International Investment Forum in Sochi.

Bearing in mind that the main goal of the “Vladimir-Vostok” project is to provide residents of the European part of Russia with seafood, our idea of the virtual aquarium for the interactive exposition should be not surprising.

There are navagas and herrings, pollocks and cods, scallops and shrimps floating deep in the virtual water on a huge video wall. Algae are moving and crabs are crawling at the bottom of our virtual sea, while jellyfish is lazily swimming by. Realistic 3D models and animation create a feeling as if you are looking through a giant underwater window.

When you come one step closer to the video wall, you will plunge into the virtual reality of the aquarium. In a twinkling, you’ll see yourselves standing on the seabed with a diving helmet on your head. The installation is gesture-controlled: just a slight movement of your hands will make the fish follow your commands, while you are exploring virtual depths.

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