On September 1 people celebrate Knowledge Day in Russia. Also on that day, the State Darwin Museum opened its educational center "Know yourself, know the world". It consists of numerous interactive exhibits to help you explore the world. In addition to other installations, United 3D Labs, commissioned by SuprimTouch company, has developed multimedia content of the interactive exposition "The World of Wood" for the new center. 

The main piece of the interactive exposition "The World of Wood" is a video wall, which consists of nine 46 inches thin-seamless LCD panels. There is a full-size birch against a forest that you can see on the screen. Visitors have the opportunity to observe the change of scenery at different times of the year: autumn, winter, spring and summer. Moreover, the time of the day also changes.

United 3D Labs designers have managed to achieve great photorealism with the help of modern computer graphics, without any shooting in the wild. The virtual birch is almost indistinguishable from the authentic one; the skillful animation makes the tree come to life: its leaves turn yellow and fall off, then it turns green again and sways from every light breeze.

The interactive exposition is controlled by a touch kiosk. Young naturalists can see the way a tree changes. You just need to choose the season and time of the day, the video wall will show the processes of photosynthesis and evaporation of water: animated arrows of different colors show the movement of oxygen, water and nutrients through the trunk, branches and leaves. At the same time, visitors of the educational center can read about these processes on the screen of the kiosk.

Interactive museum equipment developed by our Lab allows children to learn and remember many facts from the biology course in an easy way. Bright and visual graphics and 3D animation will help anyone who is interested in the subject to learn that a tree, as any living organism, breathes!

The installation is very easy to manage: the system switches to the selected mode with one touch to the large and bright menu icons, so that even the youngest visitors can explore the world of nature. So, it turns out, biology can be fun! 

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