Aqua-Therm Kyiv, the 15th International exhibition of energy-efficient heating, took place in mid-May. The event ranks Top 10 in the industry in Europe. The exhibition presented equipment and products for ventilation, air conditioning, water supply & treatment, renewable energy and plumbing. One of the most notable expositions of the exhibition was the stand of SanDi Plus company with a gesture control electronic presentation, developed by United 3D Labs.

SanDi Plus is one of the largest wholesale suppliers of plumbing products. The presentation developed by United 3D Labs is about the main directions of the company's work, its representation in the regions, a wide range of products supplied and certificates and awards of the company.

The presentation is gesture controlled: a cursor runs across the screen repeating the movements of the right hand of the user. This way, the viewers can not only choose menu items and manage the viewing but also rotate three-dimensional objects, which allows to examine the products supplied by the company from different angles. Moreover, it has a game interface that attracts extra attention of the visitors.

The presentation provides customer with a great deal of information; we also installed two independent video walls with the interactive presentation at the stand, so visitors to the company's exposition could get acquainted with it in detail without bothering with each other. 

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