The "City panorama" Museum was opened in Kazan. The event, which was attended by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and the mayor of Kazan and also was widely covered in the local media, obviously piqued genuine interest among the residents of the city. 

Employees of United 3d Labs were also present at the event, our specialists developed the concept, and then the interactive installations themselves for the museum.

People rightly described the museum as spectacular because such a number of modern interactive expositions gathered in one place is hard to find. Here scientific and historical part goes hand in hand with multimedia technologies. 

The "City panorama" Museum is aimed at completely different visitors. Here everyone can find something interesting just for themselves. 

The space of the Museum is thought out right down to the smallest detail. Interactive expositions complement each other, leading a visitor along. 

The Museum has its own atmosphere. To get the visitors fully immersed starting with the first step, there is a video wall with a film about Kazan on the first floor.

Also, all visitors are given an individual tablet with an installed Audio Guide as soon as they have paid the entrance fee. With the help of the Audio Guide, visitors can independently study the exhibits of the Museum and learn more about items of interest. Moreover, you can say hi to the world with “Video greeting” interactive installation located on the same floor. 

On the second floor, you can walk through a Maze and watch video stories about the Old Tatar Settlement. A separate area is devoted to the installation "Panoramas of Kazan"

The third floor is almost completely devoted to the architectural models of Kazan of different time periods, but even here interactive installations could harmoniously complement the physical exhibits. Interactive kiosks about the history of the city of XVI and XVIII centuries, as well as "Nowadays Kazan" installation with virtual reality glasses. Another compelling exposition takes the entire hall of the third floor: there are the ships of the emperors installation with an interactive wheelbarrow. 

On the fourth floor, visitors may find augmented reality installation with historical characters and interactive Quiz game. You can learn more about the history of Kazan and leave a review of the Museum on the tablets located in the recreation area. And for the youngest visitors, we have made a game "The Battle with the Dragon"

We are happy to be a part of such a modern and exquisite Museum with sticking multimedia exhibits. This is truly a place where the past meets the future. 

Take the journey through the history of Kazan with us! 

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