United 3D Labs has developed comprehensive multimedia solutions for demonstration pavilion of Moscow Central Diameters, located in Square of Europe near Kiyevsky railway station.

Each multimedia exposition of the demonstration pavilion is aimed at introducing new cross-city lines transport system which would provide faster transportation between Moscow and its suburban areas. The interactive expositions provide you with an opportunity to learn about the routes, infrastructure, and services of future lines. Furthermore, there is a life-size model of “Ivolga", which is going to operate along the routes of MCD. In the meantime, the “Ivolga” train rushes through the landscapes of stylized metropolis along two LED media walls of the exterior façade of the pavilion. You cannot just walk by without checking it out.

The space is thought out to the smallest detail. The first thing you see when entering the pavilion is an interactive video mapping on a live-size car of the “Ivolga” train. You can decide what the train looks like by choosing images projected on it. There are ready-made video clips – you can run a shoal of fish along the surface of the train car, turn it into a village house with a cat at the window or immerse into the virtual world of Throne. And can select various effects, put funny stickers or just color the whole train car the way you like. The installation is managed with control iPad; 8 projectors and Ventuz control cluster ensure to make your creative design ideas come to life on the train surface.

In the driver’s cabin, there is a VR train driving simulator. You can take a fascinating journey along the routes of MCD-1 (from Odintsovo to Lobnya) or MCD-2 (from Nakhabino to Podolsk). There are two options available: in VR headset you ride the route at night while the corresponding day image is projected on the windshield and two side windows.

An animated map of Moscow is projected on the floor of the central space of the pavilion. The internal layout of the space replicates the shape of MCD-1 and MCD-2 routes. Thanks to the synchronized work of 14 projectors, the sun rises, night falls, and summer comes after winter on the magic map of the Moscow Central Diameters. There is also a real map of the first two cross-city lines, so everyone can study locations of the stations and how exactly the routes integrate into the city landscape. Walking along the MCD corridors, you will get to the photo room. Here any visitor can take Get Moreover, you have a choice of printing the photo, sending it to your e-mail address and even sending it by post.

You can learn more about the project by visiting the AR room of the pavilion. Here we have a layout of the city with the main attractions of Moscow and the Moscow region. There is also a set of iPads attached to the table. Take the iPad in your hands and point it at the grey layout – hocus-pocus! There is suddenly a colorful and animated city on the screen: cars drive around, clouds float, and fireworks light up the sky. Most importantly there will be all 5 MCD cross-city lines and fast trains rushing along their routes.

The informational video about the dynamics of Moscow transport development is broadcast on the 20-meter long media wall. Interactive presentation (developed for MultiTaction table that recognizes three-dimensional objects) with customized crystal navigation cubes helps you to learn about routes, services, payment methods of the new transport system. And even get a prize if you answer all the questions of the quiz correctly.

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