United 3D Labs has developed an interactive video mapping solution, which is projected on the real-size model of “Ivolga” train. The installation was developed for the promo pavilion of Moscow Central Diameters (MDC).

One of the main attractions of the MDC promo pavilion in Moscow is a full-sized car of the "Ivolga" train, which is going to operate along the routes of Moscow Central Diameters. You just can’t ignore something that big in the demonstration pavilion, especially if it is not just a static object but a vivid interactive mapping installation.

Thus, the canvas for our video projection is not a flat but a complex curved shape surface of the train. In this case, content development for video mapping and cross-linking the projectors is not a trivial task at all. It required considerable time and skills.

The installation is controlled by an iPad in front of the train. Users can change the images projected on the train in real-time: you can choose your favorite effects or create visual combinations on the tablet screen. They will immediately come to life on the surface of the “Ivolga” train. You can turn the train into a village house with a cat at the window or move the composition into a virtual fantasy world of Throne. Visitors to the promo pavilion can combine ready-made solutions or create their own. You can even put a couple of funny stickers on it.

The mapping installation is technically supported by 8 projectors and a Ventuz control cluster. In addition to standard Ventuz tools, we have developed own software for stitching and calibrating projectors in order to create a truly seamless image on such a complex surface.

Well-executed projection mapping with an intuitive user-friendly interface (which is easy to use and navigate) grabs the attention of the audience. Moreover, the spectacular visuals are highly shareable (on social networks, you can easily find mentions and photos of joyfully laughing visitors with colorful mapping projection in the background).

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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