United 3D Labs has developed a multimedia presentation for a parachute plant.

SC Polyot is a company that was founded almost a century ago. Now it is rightfully recognized as the leader of the production of parachute systems in Russia. The company has come a long way since 1924: it all started from a sewing workshop and turned into a modern full-cycle enterprise.

The main part of the presentation was devoted to the visualization of parachute equipment produced by the company. Polyot company produces a large range of parachutes: from sporting to landing parachute equipment.

The entire range of products is demonstrated with animated three-dimensional models; moreover, there are also characteristics states to explain the features of the products. Thoroughly crafted 3D modelers with the attention to the smallest details, photorealistic textures, and animation of the parachutes make the presentation look amazing.

The presentation is demonstrated on a thin bezel video wall; it is controlled by a 48-inch touch panel. Besides, the configuration can be easily changed, which allows the Ivanovo parachute plant to show the presentation on a touch kiosk at exhibitions and events.

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