Moscow hosted the Moscow International Automobile Salon (MIAS), which is the biggest automotive exhibition in Russia supported by International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA). United 3D Labs, commissioned by “ExpoPartner” company, has created a presentation for an interactive touch table. The installation was developed for the exhibition stand of one of the largest oil companies in Russia, LUKOIL.

The interactive presentation was created with the help of Ventuz, which is one of the most powerful existing software packages for the development of high-end interactive content.

We used elements of motion design, animation and video clips from the archive of the company to provide the visitors with the comprehensible picture of different LUKOIL activities in a colorful, unusual and visual form.

Illustrated virtual booklets, magazines, press releases and feature articles were demonstrated on the interactive table. Moreover, there were materials about principles of work, environmental policies, as well as information on social and sport projects supported by LUKOIL.

For feedback of the visitors of the showroom, the interactive table has the option of writing an e-mail to LUKOIL. You can also attach a drawing that you have just created on the same multi-touch table. The youngest visitors really enjoyed playing Air Hockey.

All these diverse features were combined in a single interface with user-friendly intuitive control. The Ventuz software environment allowed us to create such a colorful and vivid presentation. 

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