For the first time in Russia, United 3D Labs has created a video mapping for a moving scenery of the theatrical production "Crime and punishment" by Andrei Konchalovsky at the Moscow Musical Theater. 

The premiere of the rock opera "Crime and punishment" directed by Andrei Konchalovsky took place in the Moscow Musical Theater. The play immediately made an impression on theatregoers of Moscow. Different opinions were express: some were delighted, some enraged by this different approach of staging such a classical piece.

Experts of United 3D Labs have developed the whole video content of the performance and carried out configuration and synchronization of the d3media server and Blacktrax real-time tracking system.

In accordance with the concept of Andrei Konchalovsky and artistic solutions developed by the Art Director Matt Deely, the scenery of the play should move around the stage during the performance while the video is continuously projected on them.

To pull this off, for the first time in Russia, we implemented the Blacktrax tracking system in conjunction with the Hi-End class media server d3 4x4 Pro from d3 Technologies on stage.

Special active markers are installed in the moving scenery, signals from which are monitored by 8 high-speed infrared cameras that transmit the information to the Blacktrax server. From there, the processed data on the position of the scenery gets to the media server d3, which according to the developed by us scenarios, manages 8 projectors that illuminate the stage.

We were working on the content for the performance for more than 5 months. Every detail was thoroughly discussed with Andrew Konchalovsky, Matt Deely, Polymedia company (its specialists installed the equipment), engineers and programmers of d3 Technologies and CAST software.

To every artist’s best reward is seeing happy faces of the spectators. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the video mapping project for the rock Opera "Crime and punishment" got the national Prize of ProIntegration Awards 2016 as "The best solution for the entertainment sector".

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