United 3D Labs offers turnkey game development services:
  • promo and educational games;
  • simulators;
  • serious games;
  • VR and AR games;
  • virtual tours.
Our experts work with Unreal Engine, Unity and Unigine - Russian real-time 3D engine.

What are serious games?

In recent years, serious games have been gaining ground. They have proven that it is possible to effectively learn while playing. They include various simulators (for training pilots, doctors, military); educational games, simulators, including those used in museums and at exhibitions. Furthermore, we could also consider promo games as a part of the same solution; although they may not be that serious in terms of content, they take a significant place in marketing and advertising.

Main advantages of serious games

There are several benefits that serious games can offer. If you develop a simulator, you could save millions of dollars: when training in virtual environment, there is no risk of damaging complex expensive equipment. Plus, you don’t have to put people’s lives in danger while emergency situations training. Using game-based learning in primary and secondary school leads to a significantly better memorizing; choosing a simulator for your exhibition booths you avoid transportation of bulky and often expensive equipment.

Promo games

Speaking of promo games and their benefits, we could highlight that first, there are positive emotions that a user gets while playing. Moreover, they are associated with the advertised product or company, which in turn leads to further purchases (however, it is essential in this case that the game is engaging and of high quality). Moreover, when interacting with the promoted product (and a good promo game always involves product images), users again get some positive experience, which further determines his or her choice among competing goods.

VR and AR games

Actually, almost any multimedia interaction can be carried out in the form of a game whether it is an interactive presentation of a company, a physics textbook or a service manual. This way the information will be much more memorable, and the perception - easier. It is particularly worth paying attention to virtual and augmented reality headsets. The opportunities they provide significantly expand the scope of serious games. Virtual reality makes games feel real; augmented reality allows you to add some supplementary information to real objects. It is extremely useful, for example, when creating instructions or promotional games.

United 3D Labs is happy to invite you to our showroom. We will demonstrate you the games we have already developed, including our VR and AR solutions.