United 3D Labs has developed an interactive gesture control holiday game “New Year's journey" for the corporate event of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce in St. Petersburg.

In Finland, Christmas celebrations begin before any other European country and last from mid-November to mid-December. This year the feast of "Pikkujoulu" that translates from Finnish as "Little Christmas" (celebrated on the 29th of November) was held in the showroom of Audi Centre Petersburg. The festival was organized by the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Representatives of FRCC member companies and other Finnish companies in St. Petersburg gathered to celebrate the "Little Christmas". You could feel warm and friendly atmosphere of coming Christmas and New year as soon as you stepped inside. In addition to traditional greetings and buffet, the program of the festival included exciting games and competitions. We can confidently say that the guests participated in them with pleasure.

United 3D Labs has created an interactive video game called "New Year's journey". Here you see Santa Claus rushing through a snow covered forest road in his Audi. The main goal of the game is to collect the maximum number of gifts lying along the road and, avoiding all the obstacles, to drive up to the Christmas tree.

We implemented gesture control technology in the game. This way the car is controlled by slight side to side body tilts of the player.

Working on the project, the experts of United 3D Labs have carefully developed 3D visualization of objects in the interactive gaming space. Each player could fully experience being at a wheel of the high-speed car in the fantastic wood.

The interactive game has fascinated many guests of Pikkujoulu fest. Even the shyest participants of the festival who did not dare to take active part in the game, couldn’t help but get interested, they surrounded the players forming support teams.

At the end of the game you could see the score on the screen of the plasma TV and find out who had the best result. For sure, there was a prize and applause for the winner.

The guests of Little Christmas or Pikkujoulu event went home in a wonderful mood, taking the funniest moments of the evening with them.

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