United 3D Labs develops architectural visualization solutions. We work on videos, presentations, virtual tours. We deliver applications for virtual reality headsets and mobile devices. Our amazing modelers and the fact that we own a render farm allow to offer minimum terms of production.

3D architectural visualization is a very precise and detailed modeling of an object at the stage of its development when a copy of a proposed building, in strict accordance with the given drawings, is created in the virtual space. This includes the configuration of the walls, location and shape of the windows, roof construction etc. Each surface is given a desired texture, color, reflecting and absorbing properties of the material, etc. You can also place an object in a specific environment and orient it with respect to different sides of the world.

This is an excellent tool for any architect or designer who needs to elaborate on each nuance, grasp the complexity, the character and spatial qualities of architecture design before the construction begins. Plus, it offers a way to significantly increase sales for real estate agents.

Initially, the Arch Viz was just a static illustration, then there were videos; but now with the development of new technologies real time virtual tours for VR headsets are gaining grounds. The most significant advantage of a virtual tour is the opportunity to examine and evaluate exactly what the potential buyer wants, and not what once seemed important to the director of the video.

Virtual reality head mounted displays have made a real breakthrough in architectural visualization and ways of showing real estate to customers. For sure, seeing something once is better than hearing about it a hundred times. Especially if you can go to your future entrance, see firsthand the playground, walk along the road to the store near the house, and go down to check the parking lot.

Virtual reality offers you to experience your future home to the fullest: view vacant apartments, look out of the windows (note, you’ll see absolutely real view!), check the layout (and immediately change it according to your preferences) and even furnish the apartment as you like it! It seemed fantastic just some years ago, but the current development of virtual reality helmets Oculus Rift or HTC Vive turned it all into reality.

VR provides even wider range of opportunities as it could work with mobile phones (Samsung Gear VR and its counterparts). Naturally, the performance characteristics of smartphones are not enough to demonstrate a full-fledged virtual tour, but they perfectly work with a 360-degree stereo panoramas.

Developers marketing specialists should also pay attention to the augmented reality headsets (first of all, it is Microsoft Hololens). You can use the technology to demonstrate the layout of the residential complex with such super realistic quality.

3D modelers, designers and artists of United 3D Labs are always happy to see you in our office, we will demonstrate you our ready-made solutions in the demo room and discuss your architectural project.

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