United 3D Labs has developed a virtual tour of a new residential quarter built by a major Moscow developer. Now potential buyers of the apartments can walk through the territory, explore public areas and look into the most secluded corners of the residential complex.

As a rule, developers had to put a lot of effort into getting the client interested in buying real estate. They make use of vivid photos, description, blueprints and plans, and for sure offer to visit the site. But what if the object does not exist yet? If the property is still under construction? Here comes to the aid computer graphics and architectural visualization. If architectural visualization used to be limited to static illustrations and videos, now more modern tools are available, such as real time virtual tours or using VR headsets.

Especially for a large developer company, United 3D Labs has created a virtual tour of new quarter. In virtual reality, the user can take walk through a still non-existent complex, inspect the general infrastructure, playgrounds, landscaping of yards; to study in detail the houses and public spaces inside as well as outside. Thanks to the most photorealistic graphics, you can experience homes like never before by taking advantage of the virtual reality real estate tours. No other technology allows you to fully feel the space quite like a virtual tour.

High definition virtual tours created by experts of United 3D Labs can be shown both on a video wall or in virtual reality headsets. Virtual tour is controlled with a joystick or in virtual reality hmd.

For the real estate market, virtual reality is an incredibly convenient and useful tool for promotion, it offers viewers a complete interactive experience, immersing them into the image to virtually put them right there.

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