United 3D Labs has developed an interactive 3D visualization of Moskva ship for VR headset with UNIGINE real-time 3D engine.

While designing complex mechanisms (any marine vessel or a ship definitely belongs to the category), it is crucial to assess users convenience. In this case, they are passengers and crew members of the ship. Surely, no design engineers would put the steering wheel at a height of 2 meters. However, there are many more subtle details, which are not immediately obvious.

There is no doubt that experience brings an understanding of what might be more convenient for users and what might not. However, it is not always that easy. First of all, you need to somehow gain that experience. What to do if you are a young professional?

Here comes VR interactive visualization. Any designer engineer can put on a virtual reality headset and see the prospective ship. It provides the opportunity to walk the corridors, hit your head against the improperly conducted pipe or fail to open poorly designed side scuttle. This way all the inaccuracies become evident.

The only problem is that it is not easy to turn the CAD files, which design engineers work with, into VR tour of a ship. Firstly, the formats and data presentation are completely different. Plus, conventional workstations are usually not powerful enough to correctly reproduce a huge amount of different elements. Here various systems of industrial visualization (one of which is UNIGINE) come in.

UNIGINE 3D visualization platform is designed for developing complex industrial solutions, such as training simulators and BIM systems. Unlike popular game engines, such as Unity or Unreal, it has a significantly higher accuracy of calculations, real-time rendering of high-poly scenes and stunning photorealistic graphics.

Furthermore, UNIGINE has specific properties, such as support of multi-channel configurations, curved screens, specialized protocols and sensors, which are well suited for serious industrial solutions.

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