United 3D Labs develops interactive solutions based on Russian real-time 3D engine - UNIGINE.
United 3D Labs is an official partner of UNIGINE.

Real-time 3D visualization software platform UNIGINE has many strong sides and a great potential, which can be fully open up developing serious professional applications — simulators, BIM systems, software systems for industrial visualization.

UNIGINE might be a bit trickier to learn than the popular Unity game engine or less affordable than Unreal Engine (UNIGINE developer’s license is a bit on the expensive side). However, the platform has earned a high reputation and popularity among developers of complex solutions.

In addition to many technical advantages, it offers solid technical benefits, such as high performance, 64-bit precision, Linux support, etc., which are extremely important for developing industrial solutions. Moreover, UNIGINE provides opportunities for developing photorealistic graphics: 100% natural atmospheric phenomenon, water surface and landscapes, which literally immerses the user into virtual reality. With UNIGINE you can deliver absolutely stunning-quality sea simulations. Every detail is transmitted with meticulous precision. Caustics, refraction of the light, waves, movement of deeper water layers – every detail is designed to display the surface and depth of the sea with absolute accuracy.

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