United 3D Labs team actively uses the Russian software platform UNIGINE when developing industrial 3D visualizations, including creating 360°panoramic videos.

360° video format has become fairly common: it is supported by Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo as well as many media players. When users watch 360° video on the computer display, they could change the viewing angle with the mouse, see what is behind the camera. However, this does not add anything fundamentally new. Virtual reality headsets are quite another matter. 360° view content is a must for VR.

UNIGINE 3D visualization software is designed for developing serious industrial solutions, such as simulators, BIM systems.

The development of UNIGINE as a system, which is designed for industrial solutions ensures the reproduction of high accuracy photorealistic graphics even in large virtual worlds. The platform supports multi-channel visualization, curved screens, and industrial data transfer protocols. An important advantage of UNIGINE is that it supports the Astra Linux operating system.


United 3D Labs is an official partner of Unigine.

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