United 3D Labs specializes in video production and computer graphics creation of 4K and higher resolution videos for:

  • video walls;

  • multi-screen configurations;

  • video mapping;

  • installations and museum expositions;

  • exhibitions, shows and events;

  • multimedia design of public spaces.

We have our own local network based on active fiber optic Infiniband 56Gb/s, multi - processor servers, SSD storage systems, 512 GB graphics stations and our own GPU render farm. This way, we can work with video stream over 4 Gb/s: it means real time editing of more than 10 4K streams of ProRes 444 at the same time (or we could compare it with copying a DVD disk in 2 seconds).

4K resolution

4K resolution videos and movies are gradually gaining ground. We've reached the point when nearly every new TV has 3840х2160 resolution. Furthermore, you can get some pretty great affordable projectors. Present-day video players can support 4K video files without any disturbance. That, in turn, leads to gradual changes in content appearing recently. 

Technical difficulties in Ultra HD 

Naturally, there are still some problems with the production of 4K content, such as: a significantly larger amount of data that needs to be processed. 4K resolution video file is usually 4 times bigger than a usual 1920x1080 Full HD. Accordingly, the amount of data needed to be processed is 4 times higher. Plus, to make it work properly you will need up-to-date computer equipment available, such as multi-processor workstations with a large amount of memory, servers and fiber optic networks. This way, only the volume of data processing grows (and this issue is solved by modern powerful computing equipment) but the creating process still remains practically the same. 

Resolution required for video walls

Over recent years the application of video walls has expanded to a variety of settings. However, 4K still remains less available than HD content; moreover, some content is only available on certain devices. Furthermore, if watched on a typical 42-46 or even 55-inch TV, you won’t notice much difference between 4K and Full HD. Nevertheless, high resolution content is fundamentally important for video walls. Especially when displaying large or detailed images, resolution is a key consideration.

Currently the vast majority of LCD video wall solutions are built on the basis of narrow bezel displays (46 - 55-inch, 1920x1080 resolution). Thus an average in size 3x3 video wall will have a resolution of 5760х3240 pixels, which is even more than 4K. If we demonstrate Full HD content on such a display, the picture will definitely be blurred. Moreover, in this case 2/3 of the pixels in our video wall ((which is also pretty expensive) just duplicate each other. However, what to do if there is a 10х3 video wall? In this case, the standard 16:9 aspect ratio is simply not suitable. The only option is to create special content with the desired 160:27 aspect ratio (approximately 10:1) with the appropriate high resolution. 

United 3D Labs specialists invite you to our showroom. Our CG and post-production experts will demonstrate you 10K resolution content we have created and all the equipment that makes it possible.