United 3D Labs, commissioned by the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, has developed a panoramic video installation about the Jewish Museum and the main events that took place there for the last year.

The main purpose of the annual gala evening is to raise money, which will then be used to expand and develop the Museum. The organizers try to make every event unique and different from the previous ones. This year one of its features was a panoramic video installation that surrounded the guests from all sides and introduced them to the achievements of the Museum over the past year.

We think that applies to any project, that the most extensive stage of creating it is preparatory. Our Lab specialists studied the available materials on the exhibitions and events held in the Museum during the year, communicated with the employees of the Tolerance Center, conducted photo and video shooting in both standard and 360°panoramic format.

The tricky part in making large-scale installations is that you cannot show it in the real space of projection until the preliminary run, when it is often too late to change something. United 3D Labs artists solve this problem using HTC Vive virtual reality headsets. The preliminary animatics of the video installation content were shown to the customer in a VR HMD, where all the features of the interior of the room were fully reproduced. Representatives of the Jewish Museum, wearing headsets were transferred to the installation space and could evaluate the work done and make comments.

The video installation was supported vided by 12 projectors and a synchronized cluster of two media servers operating under the control of Ventuz real-time visualization system. The resolution of the installation video file is more than 20K pixels!

The unique video mapping was approved by the most demanding visitors and made its contribution to confirm the words of the founder of the Endowment Foundation, Leonard Blavatnik: "Today the Jewish Museum is certainly in the top three of Jewish museums in the world”.

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