United 3D Labs develops VR edutainment solutions for vocational schools, technical universities, and manufacturing enterprises.

Textbooks, manuals, teaching aids are integral elements of almost any educational process. Of course, a teacher or mentor plays a crucial role in it; however, self-study and constant practice make the learning process much more effective. Visual aids have special significance when mastering technical skills: future engineers need to know the equipment, how to install and repair it.

Obviously, modern illustrated manuals partially solve this problem. Nevertheless, virtual reality has the potential to completely eliminate it. Wearing a VR headset, a trainee is transferred into a fully immersive and interactive environment. You can take a proper look at the equipment piece you are going to work with, undertake any repair works, and study the internal mechanism of a device in a risk-free learning environment. It greatly facilitates both trainee and trainer experiences and proves to be useful in improving workflow, advance skills, ensuring effective and safe operations.

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