United 3D Labs has developed a virtual reality car configurator, which is great for marketing and sales purposes.

The automotive industry is definitely one of the most customer-centric: it can offer almost anything a buyer wishes for. Fuchsia car with a metallic tint or Alcantara seats? Here you are! Just veni, vidi and buy a new car!

However, often customers don’t have a clear understanding of what exactly they want. Obviously, no showroom can display the entire product range of vehicles at a time. On the other hand, if a client doesn’t get what he or she wants, the next step is definitely going to be to your competitor’s door.

Virtual reality is to the rescue! Present-day 3D modeling software and VR hardware have greatly advanced: a virtual car in a VR headset looks exactly the same as a real one. Thus, with the help of a VR car configurator, your client experiences a better view of the potential car with all its accessories prior to purchase. Or choose what car color looks the best. Moreover, it can easily be placed into the dealer showroom or in various locations - cars which are not physically present, haven't been built yet or custom model variations can be shown without large overhead costs.

It is also important to note that, in the case of a virtual car configurator, a wireless VR headset is a great idea. Clients can physically walk around virtual car, examine it from every side, estimate its size. In the case of a wired HMD, the user is forced to move around with a joystick. For starters, it is less convenient, and most importantly, this way you cannot fully get the real size of a car.

Anyways, VR is opening up new opportunities. This is a great competitive advantage to offer your customers a unique immersive experience without the need to keep literally hundreds of cars in stock.

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