United 3D Labs, commissioned by a large Russian company, has developed a presentation of product catalog for VR headsets.

The company produces a wide range of complex hi-tech products, their dimensions vary from some micrometers to several meters. That’s why the sales managers of the company constantly struggle while working with clients. Showing products in detail is extremely difficult and yet it is also necessary to explain the customer all the specifications and demonstrate the advantages of each piece of equipment. The list of product items contains more than three hundred pieces. That poses another problem: it is not convenient to bring equipment items to negotiations while paper catalogs consist of more than 400 pages.

United 3D Labs specialists came up with a one-size-fits-all solution: a single electronic catalog of all the products. One single application that can be used for tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and even virtual reality headsets.

The catalog contains a detailed description of performance characteristics, appearance, field of application, internal design, engineering aspects for each product.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the catalogu is the opportunity to demonstrate it in a virtual reality headset. Samsung Gear VR is a mobile virtual reality HMD i.e. it is compatible with Samsung phones. The headset is fairly light and offers you a completely cordless experience. So, you can easily take it with you to a meeting in your briefcase. This way it doesn’t only contain all the information about the products available in the catalog, but also the study of the design and technological features of the equipment in virtual reality. This is not only more convenient but also much more exciting! Get your client interested and you’re halfway to success! But when a client puts the headset on what exactly (s)he is interested in becomes a full-blown mystery.

So, to ensure that the sales manager is always aware of what the client is looking at, the manager's tablet is synchronized with the virtual reality goggles. In this case, it works in the opposite way as the manager simply opens the necessary page of the catalog on his tablet, so the client sees the same image in his virtual reality headset. There is a downside to it as joystick control is blocked in this mode. Sales figures are also not displayed. But the opportunity to give your prospective client a visual insight onto technical nuances is worth it.

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