Guests and residents of the city of Kazan say “Hi!” to the world.

The experts of United 3D Labs have long been accustomed to combine several functions in one installation.

The administration of the exhibition and entertainment complex "City panorama" assigned us а task to come up with an idea how to use interactive entertainment to get additional advertising for the Museum. Installation of video greeting became a simple and at the same time quite unconventional solution of the problem. We believe that the name of the installation is pretty self-explanatory.

The programmers of United 3D Labs developed an installation with Unity game engine.

There is an interactive touch panel with 46 inch display and built-in webcam on the 1st floor of the Museum.

An info video is demonstrated on the display in the standby mode, which encourages visitors to record their own video message. How can one do that? Easy! A visitor should stand in front of the display and press the "Start" button on the screen. This way, any person can record a small video message that goes to the Museum website. If you want to watch it, you will have to go to the Museum website. Link to the page with your video greeting can be shared with friends and family. Thus, visitors have the opportunity to send an unusual greeting, and the museum – additional advertising. 

Our team’s biggest reward for the work done was to see happy faces of museum’s visitors. In one of the recorded video messages two joyful visitors send greetings in sign language. It is obvious that these guests of the Museum built their own tour, reading the texts of the audio Guide on the tablet screen. 

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