United 3D Labs has developed an animated video for the media facade of Moscow Central Diameters demonstration pavilion, which is located in the heart of the city. Vivid colors of the video solution attract the attention of thousands of people passing by it every day.

Bright colors of huge LED screens, installed on façade of the promo pavilion, are real eye catchers. The media façade is a signature of the MCD pavilion. That is why the video for the media facade is stylistically designed in a colorful, dynamic red and black palette that appeals both at night and during the day.

The video solution is a combination of motion graphics and animation. It is devoted to the system of public transport in Moscow: not only to MCD cross-city railway lines but also metro, trams, buses, etc. We employed a dynamic change of scenes to make it even more catchy. Following the "Ivolga" train across the LED media walls, which rushes through the landscapes of stylized metropolis, the viewer immerses into the rapid city always rushing but so beautiful. Associative array of the luminous storytelling forms in viewers mind a sustainable positive connection: Moscow Central Diameters are comfortable and trendy.

However, there was an important nuance: low resolution of the LED walls. Despite the large size, their resolution is just 528х320 and 850х320 pixels (for instance, resolution of an ordinary computer screen is 1920x1080 pixels). This way, photorealistic graphics would look becoming blurry and distorted. This fact served as another argument in favor of developing a stylized artistic solution.

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