United 3D Labs has created an informational video about atomic beam tubes and their application in new-generation satellites GLONASS-K.

Currently, there is hardly a person who doesn't know the acronym GLONASS, although ten years ago it was not a name. GLONASS is a Russian global satellite navigation system. Its particular navigation accuracy is provided by cesium atomic-beam tubes. 

Commissioned by one of the leading Russian Research and Production Corporations, we created a video about the configuration of atomic-beam tubes and their use in the GLONASS-K satellites of the new generation. The video clip was presented at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS. 

Atomic-beam tubes(ABT) are used as they provide desired accuracy of determining the coordinates of the system. What is more, the technology is constantly improving, with each advance solving more and more complex scientific and technical, production and technological problems. 

New ABTs with improved accuracy and reliability are developed for each generation of GLONASS space crafts. Since 2011 atomic-beam tubes have been supplied for the onboard equipment of the spacecraft, functioning on open space platforms. That poses more stringent requirements on resistance to thermal effects and affecting factors of outer space for the ABT designs. 

The use of the info video, which is a great artistic and data compilation that is highly visual and informational at the same time. So, the brand attracted a much larger number of people at the exhibition as 3D animation and infographics was visually stimulating enough to catch the eye of any visitor.

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