United 3D Labs created a corporate video for a Russian electronics research and production enterprise.

The saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Well-crafted presentation videos can do many things: introduce the company and market your business, inspire employees and foster welcoming company cultures. Furthermore, they capture the look, feel, and authenticity of your company in a way that intrigues potential candidates.

That is especially vital for industrial plants that are currently understaffed. The shortage of personnel is perhaps the most pressing problem of efficient growing plants. There has been a survey that states that 80% of respondents claim that a video would have a positive impact. This way, a corporate video could be a way of attracting new employees. If fresh graduates see the video on the website and choose the enterprise for their career, then we did our work well.

We are sincerely happy to meet and be a part of the great research and production enterprise team. There are manufacturing departments, a cozy cafeteria, and most importantly people who are passionate about their job. 

Director: Yuri Khmelnitsky.

Cameraman: Dmitry Ekimov.

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