United 3D Labs has created a promo video about engineering and technological school No. 777 in St. Petersburg.

The school No. 777 is designed to support learning and creative abilities in children. Apart from the standard classrooms, there are "smart classes" for studying humanities, quantum medicine laboratory, pottery and fusing workshops, mechatronics, robotics, and 3D design classes. The school aims at getting children’s interest in technologies and innovations, to teach them how to use technology to great advantage, to help to understand what professions are going to be in demand in the future and choose the right one for each student.

Even elementary school students are familiar with TRIZ (theory of the resolution of invention-related tasks), the basics of computer science and design. They are also engaged in swimming and climbing, music and foreign languages. The teachers and school administrators do their best to promote independence, creativity, responsibility among students in training and educational process. It is a project that was developed to spark interest and prepare students for engineering professions. Engineering and technological school No. 777 is not only a place for study, but also a place for the full development of children's capacities.

When creating this video, we aimed at demonstrating not only the technical or sports equipment of the school but mainly its positive work environment. We hope that we were able to capture the amazing atmosphere and enthusiasm of the children and adults.

Director: Karina Chuvikova.

Cameraman: Dmitry Ekimov.

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