United 3D Labs together with the UFM Studio has developed the presentation film for MIREA University Branch in Fryazino.

A lot of promotional video for different university evolve according the same scenario: there is an interview with a head of the university, close-up of the building, then some footage of classrooms and laboratories. The same old thing every year. And, as a result, the effectiveness of the video tends to zero. That is why, from the very start, we knew that we needed something different. Our idea was to tell not about the university but the people there. So let us show you a story of life and love.

There are no classrooms, no teacher, no boring lectures interviews in this promo video. There is a boy and a girl, they are in the center of attention. Two people and their amazing adventure called university life. Together with the main characters, we will go to classes, conduct experiments, struggle with formulas and equations that don’t solve, play football, graduate from the university and enter adulthood.

To get the attention of high school students, who are seriously interested in radio electronics and seeking to enter MIREA University, in the first part of the video we demonstrated the most modern equipment pieces of the research and production enterprise "Istok", which they will probability work with after they graduate.

The promotional video is intended for display at exhibitions, educational forums, open days — at all events where prospective students choose a university and their future profession.

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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