3D Labs has created a promotional video for the "AVT Consulting" law firm.

When we got a task to develop an image video, we were ­­­­puzzled. We didn't really want to create a mediocre video just enlisting the services of the company and a 2-minute interview with the CEO. First, it is too mundane, and therefore it will not stand out among other law firm promotions. Secondly, we were well aware of how great the company's lawyers work. Employees of "AVT Consulting" always strive to take on the problems of their clients; they do not just give advice but fully support and help in a difficult situation.

After a long discussion, we came to an idea to build the entire visual part of the video based on an associative series and to convey the message with titles and voice-over. This way. the titles play a crucial role since as it is promoted on social media and thus many users will watch it with the sound off. It is the titles that are conveying to the audience the information that we want to tell about the company.

An abstract series of animated geometric objects united by motion graphics was chosen as visual imagery. Moreover, we believe that it did not really play a fundamental role what these objects will be. The main task is to be visually appealing, catching the eye of the viewer.

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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