United 3D Labs has developed a presentation video for a German company ZIRIX, which is engaged in the development and implementation of innovative artificial intelligence.

From call centers and search engines to the banking sector and unmanned vehicle control systems: the AI field of application is really huge. Generally, everybody understands the main principles of its work but when it comes to details the differences between one solution and another get blurred, and it is extremely difficult sometimes to explain to the general public all the nuances. This technology is complex, non-figurative and often exist only in the form of a program code. Therefore, our task to develop a presentation video for the exhibition stand was, on the one hand, quite clear and familiar, but on the other very non-trivial. 

The main objective of the video is to demonstrate the main features and principles of the artificial intelligence technology developed by ZIRIX company. To show the similarity of this algorithm to human thinking, including the ability not only to recognize but most importantly to understand human speech and formulate the answer. The presentation video also provides an example of artificial intelligence operation algorithm.    

We never forget that no matter how difficult explaining the technological details could be, the visuals should always be colorful and up-to-date. The video should aslo be gripping, making the viewer want to get more detailed information about the product from the staff at the booth. 

We are really proud that as a result of the exhibition, ZIRIX signed several major contracts with international corporations and increased its brand awareness.

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