United 3D Labs, commissioned by SupremeTouch company, has developed an interactive exhibition on physical laws that affect the flight of birds and airplanes for the State Darwin Museum in Moscow.

While physics can be a fascinating subject, some of the concepts it presents aren’t always easy to understand.

Do you remember the agonizing attempts to memorize the rules, laws or formulas? You certainly do. But do you still remember any of them? Unfortunately, the major part of that knowledge usually gets lost with time. All this is because of the classic textbooks operate with dull explanations; they cannot clearly visualize the physical experiments and demonstrate their use in real life. But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

United 3D Labs has developed an interactive installation for multi-touch tables that explains the principles of aerodynamics and aerostatics.

Despite the fact that the mechanisms of flight are based on the Bernoulli law, which is studied in the 9th grade, our installation presents the information in such a comprehensive way that even younger school students could easily understand it. For example, children can set different parameters for the flying objects and immediately see their effect. With a simple touch of the screen, they can change carrying capacity, angle of glide or body shape, so it is easier to take off and move forward. The user-friendly features of the installation make it simple and enjoyable to work with. So, change a parameter and see immediately its influence on the flight process.

United 3D Labs specialists did their best to make a really entertaining physics lesson out of a boring chapter in the textbook.

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