United 3D Labs has developed an interactive gesture-controlled video installation Winston XS for virtual reality room.

"City XS" is the first in Russia gesture control based interactive video installation. Welcome to a revolutionary experiment on the use of VR technology in a PR-campaign, an art fantasy devoted to a big city. The walls of the virtual reality video installation are a rear projection screen. The image of a futuristic metropolis that embraces architectural wonders from around the world is projected on the screen.

You can move around the city by gesture control; swipe your hand and you will open a context menu with information about a particular architectural masterpiece. One more swipe, and the menu disappears, so you can continue the tour.

The interactive interaction module detects people's movements and changes the virtual world on the screen in real time. This way the user has a feeling of full immersion into virtual space.

As a basis for the content we took the symbol of Winston XS brand, a city at night, which made the installation an amusing and memorable event. Our task was not only to build a virtual metropolis, but also to recreate its lively infrastructure. No big city in the world ever stops for a second, there is always something going on: people move, lights flash, cars drive. Life in our city does not freeze even for a second as well!

As a result, United 3D Labs has created not just an abstract model, but a city that is interesting to fly in. What make the nighttime flight over the city even more fascinating is that you can see some architectural masterpieces on your way that you can look closely at.

For this installation we created 3D models of ten iconic buildings from different countries, such as The Basket Building, the famous Brussels Atomium, the Polish Krzywy Domek. The most interesting things are just for you with United 3D Labs!

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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