United 3D Labs, commissioned by IQ Marketing Agency, has created “Mobile camera” interactive installation for a joint project of Beeline mobile operator and Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM) in Moscow.

Social networks today play an important role in self-determination of a person. Everyone can share his or her thoughts and ideas with the world and other users of VK or Instagram. Many large companies have already taken this opportunity by promoting their products in social networks. A striking example is a large-scale project of Beeline mobile operator and Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow (MAMM).

We believe that the installation placed in the MAMM has become one of the most successful ways to convey the idea that every person can share his or her out of the box view on certain problems or simply anything worth looking into with a wide audience. The idea of the project is that any Instagram user can take a picture and upload it with the hashtag #beeline_mamm. The most popular ones are displayed in the Multimedia Art Museum.

The interactive installation developed by United 3D Labs consists of a large screen with two projectors. Photos that you can see on the screen are the ones taken directly from Instagram. The installation is gesture controlled: any visitor can scroll through the pictures, choose the most interesting ones and print them right away. This way we create a sort of unconventional dialogue between a contemporary artist and his audience.

The installation works in two modes: when there are no active users (nobody stands in front of the screen), random photos with the hashtag #beeline_mamm are shown. The more likes the photo has, the larger it is. The second mode is active. The user controls the screen by gestures, looking at photos with the speed that is convenient to him or her. At the same time, the photos are arranged depending on their popularity among Instagram users. You can print your favorite photo with a sweep of your hand. It’s as easy as that!

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