United 3D Labs, commissioned by Polymedia company, has developed an installation "Panoramas of Kazan" for the "City panorama" Museum.

"Panoramas of Kazan" is perhaps one of the most favorite installations for the "City panorama" Museum visitors. No surprise in that. It is difficult not to just take an extra minute and enjoy the view when passing by a huge screen, on which you can see pictures of the beautiful city of Kazan created by two short-focus projectors Panasonic. By the way, the screen, its size is 8x3 meters, besides it is made as a concave lens, specifically for a better perception of the content and full immersion effect.

Let us also tell you about the photos. To produce the content for the installation, we used a drone and shot almost the entire Kazan from a bird's eye view. The footage was processed in a special way to get 360-degree panoramic images. This way we have created more than 150 panoramic views.

So, job done, right? No, this is definitely not about us! United 3D Labs specialists decided to go further and give visitors the opportunity to manage the installation themselves. For this, we installed a touch monitor and a stand with a joystick in front of the screen. The touch screen helps you to select any highlighted point on the city map and immediately see the corresponding panorama on the big screen. Using the multi-position joystick, you can easily zoom in and out objects of the pan or scroll the image on the 360° in either direction.

One of the main problems that we faced was the problem of how to manage such a huge amount of data online so that the content does not freeze from time to time? Ventuz professional software came in handy. Using it as a basis for development, the programmers of United 3D Labs were able to achieve faster response times of the system.

The beautiful combination of the developed content and equipment has had a tremendous effect. Every visitor of the Museum, whether it was a local or a tourist, wanted to come closer and find the place where he or she lives or the one he or she recently visited.

There was only one question: "Why only summer panoramas?" Well, get ready, the winter views are coming!

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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